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LEAP was designed to harness contemporary adult learning science the, best of classroom environment with the convenience of online delivery. The result, a revolutionary learning experience focused on results for the learner.

  1. Inquiry-based presentation Contextual, interactive scenarios actively connect the learner to the real life practicality of the content bringing the learning experience to life.
  2. Mastery-based progression Inquires must be accurately completed to move through the learning experience, this ensures active engagement and greater retention.
  3. Custom resource types Learning resources are developed specifically to best convey the topics being presented, no more one-size fits all learning materials. Resource types are many and include video, audio, text, and a variety of interactive experiences.
  4. Asynchronous delivery Access to the learning experience is available anytime and from anywhere allowing for a highly personalized, learner centric experience that respects the time and life of the learner.
  5. Scaffolded progression Students move through content in a linear manner, but the content is designed to scaffold. Topics are visited multiple times throughout progression. Each level builds on the topics presented earlier, while getting progressively more complex.

Through these levels and sections, students are empowered to direct themselves, which in turn encourages more focused engagement with the content.

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