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National Food Handler License

With a combination of home study and in class you won’t have to spend all day in a class to pass the National food handlers license.

Everyone handling food from Caterers to food truck operators needs to have this license. Your food business must have this!

If you own a restaurant you’ll want as many of your staff to have this license from cooks to waiter as well as your Mangers.

Give us a call at 1 800 227-6321 for an appointment or for us to visit you.

We’ll send your book materials before your four hour class. Practice exams included! Study at home Review with us and take your exam, Quick and convenient! No wasted time.

We offer flexible hour to meet your busy schedule. Don’t let the Health Department shut you down for something like this.

It easy fast and fun. You leave with a temporary license to show the Health Department you’ve taken your test and are waiting for your results and you learn how to keep your customer safe and comply with the State on all matters.

In Spanish and English with Lucy Proulx-over 30 years in the Restaurant business