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Are you a Broker or Real Estate office that would like to recruit new agents and have a steady income stream added to your business?

Or maybe you're just an individual who wants to open a school and make extra money.

Then start a Real Estate licensing program school in your office or home!

For Realtors it's great way to recruit and expand your business and make extra money doing it.

You can create a weekly classes or have Premier do all the heavy lifting. Premier can provide you with an online portal or sell the material to you at discount and you can sell at a profit.

We even offer you free material to prepare your students for a difficult State exam. This material can be taught in class or stand on its own as a home study program. And it's all online as PDF material so you can offer both online and physical material for your classroom. You get a study Guide, hints and tips on taking the DRE exam, glossary and eight practice exams with answers and reason the answers are correct for FREE!!! We show you how to set up your class and what you would want to include to make your school stand out.

We've done everything for you. We guide you as you build your classes and keep you informed as to the best ways to advertise and work with the public.

We have a simple agreement filled out and either party can cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in a very competitive market where one superstar Agent can take you to the top.

For more information or a free consultation call Mike at 1 800 227-6321 or email me at premier@premierschools.com.

Click here to see a sample of our preparation material, which you get free with every new student.

See our agreement sample and the Department of Real Estate policies.

Don't wait. Markets change and the competition is getting stiff. Make the most of California's very hot market and do it right!