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Real Estate License

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New 2024 Requirements

Real Estate Practice Implicit Bias Exercise

Before taking your Real Estate Practice Final Exam, you are required to complete the interative portion found below.

About the Real Estate Salesperson Course

OUR COURSES are designed to be done quickly, easily and at your convenience.

No sitting in a classroom for 45 hours per course yes that 135 hours. Each course consists of a textbook and workbook and can be completed in as little as 18 days per course.

In 54 days you're qualified for the State exam and since the State takes 6 to 8 weeks for a test date that mean less time overall you can have a license in two to three months unlike other programs.

10 questions a night following the questions in the workbook looking up your answers in the textbook and you can finish even with a busy schedule in 18 days! Of course, you can take up to one year. You can also sell back your textbooks in good shape for $10.00 per book or keep them for your library. The money you get back can go towards your prep material if you want. Or let a friend use them for a discount on the courses. Great for married couples or business partners who are both going for their licenses. Save money. If you have questions give us a call 1 800 227-6321

You can take your open book finals exams online or a written form. Each exam is 100 questions and you will need to get 70% to pass. Use your homework and book and that will be easy to do. If you don't pass take it again at no charge until you pass.

You then send the three certificates and an application to take the State exam with a check for $60.00 to get your test date. WE'LL SHOW YOU HOW and walk you through the process.

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Qualifications & Requirements

In order to get your California Real Estate exam you must first qualify for the State exam and then go down there and pass it.

The State requirements are:

  1. 18 years or older
  2. Complete or have completed three (3) approved college level courses
  3. Pass the State exam 150 Questions with a 70%

The three required courses are:

  1. Real Estate Principles
  2. Real Estate Practice
  3. An elective course from the following:
    • Real Estate Finance
    • Real Estate Appraisal
    • Legal Aspects of Real Estate
    • Real Estate Economics
    • Property Management
    • Escrows
    • Mortgage Loan Brokering
    • Business Law
Use a College level Business Law course or General Accounting course with a D or above. No Incompletes or Fail.


Members of the California State Bar are exempt from the three courses. Just take the State exam.


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Don't forget you can sell back your textbooks in good condition for $10.00 each!
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Course Descriptions

To review a description for a specific course, click on the title of the course below:


Real Estate Finance

This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the field of real estate finance. It covers all aspects of real financing from filling out the loan application to closing the loan. The course details qualifying standards, disclosure requirements, and loan documents. A partial list of topics covered in the course would include:

  • Money and Monetary System
  • Fiduciary Sources for Real Estate Finance
  • Conventional, Insured, and Guaranteed Loans
  • Financial Agencies and Lending Programs
  • Junior Loans in Real Estate Finance
  • Loan Terms and Note Payments
  • Instruments of Real Estate Finance
  • Processing Real Estate Loans
  • Loan Defaults and Foreclosures

Real Estate Appraisal

This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the principles of real estate appraising. It covers the theory of value creation in real estate and relates these theories to practical application. All appraisal methods are thoroughly covered. The various types of appraisal reports and their various uses are discussed. A partial list of topics covered in this course would include:

  • The Appraisal Process
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Site Valuation
  • Residential Construction
  • Sales Comparison Approach to Value
  • Income Approach to Value
  • Reconciliation and Final Value Estimate

Real Estate Practice

This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the practice of real estate. It encompasses a thorough coverage of field related to real estate such as finance, appraisal, escrow, and real estate investing. It also details the areas necessary to conduct a modern real estate brokerage business. A partial list of topics covered in this course includes:

  • Getting Started in Real Estate
  • Mandatory Disclosures
  • Prospecting
  • Listing Presentations
  • Advertising
  • The Buyer and the Property Showing
  • From Offer to Closing
  • Escrow and Title Insurance
  • Property Management and Leasing

Legal Aspects of Real Estate

This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the field of real estate law. It thoroughly covers all legal aspects that relate to real estate including sources of law, land titles, and real estate contracts. This course also discusses certain alternatives to litigation through the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR's). A partial list of topics covered in this course include:

  • Interests in Real Property
  • Co-Ownership of Real Property
  • Agency Duties and Liabilities
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Titles and Alienation
  • Escrow and Closing
  • Civil Rights and Fair Housing
  • Landlord/Tenant Law

Real Estate Economics

This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the field of real estate economics. It acquaints the student with economic theories that relate to real estate and the practical application of these theories. Course details the factors that affect value in real estate and the government's role in real estate economics. A partial list of topics covered in this course include:

  • Economic Principles and Cycles
  • Economic Theories and Measurements
  • Money and Financing
  • Government Regulations & Taxes
  • Housing
  • Nontraditional Housing
  • Farms and Land
  • Planning & Land Use Control
  • The Economics of Development

Real Estate Principles

This course provides a broad coverage of the underlying principles of real estate. The student is introduced to all the key elements of real property, its ownership, and transfer. The course material gives the student exposure to latest law changes and real estate forms. It also provides an in-depth description of real estate related fields such as real estate finance, appraisal, real estate taxation and escrows. A partial list of the topics covered in this course includes:

  • Introduction to Real Estate
  • Estates, Transfers and Titles
  • Encumbrances
  • Agency and its Responsibilities
  • Contracts
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Escrows & Title Insurance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Financial Institutions
  • Real Estate Appraisal
  • Subdivision & Government Control
  • Taxation of Real Estate

Mortgage Loan Brokering & Lending

This course provides the student with a basic introduction to the field of mortgage loan brokering. It provides the student with a broad technical knowledge of the state and federal laws that govern the practice of mortgage loan brokerage and lending. It also provides coverage of the disclosures required in the lending field, fair lending practices, and the handling of trust funds. A partial list of the topics covered in this course include:

  • Scope of Mortgage Loan Brokerage
  • Disclosures in Mortgage Loan Transactions
  • Fair Lending Practices
  • Trust Fund Handling
  • Hard Money Makers and Arrangers
  • Securities in the Lending Industry
  • Third Party Originators
  • Mortgage Banking

Property Management

This course provides an overview of the property management field and describes the major functions of the property manager. These functions include handling legal details, interpersonal relationship skills, maintenance, accounting, and administrative activities. This course also deals with practices and problems in the management of various types of property which include residential, office, commercial, and industrial properties. A partial list of topics covered in this course would include:

  • Leases and leasing
  • Residential Property Management
  • Commercial, Office, and Industrial Property Management
  • Liability and Risk Management
  • Records and Controls
  • Fair Housing and Ethics
  • Tenant and Owner Relations
  • Management Operations


This course provides the student with a firm understanding of the basic escrow procedures that every real estate licensee who is involved in the buying or selling of real estate should know. It provides a solid footing for students who want to advance their professional standing in the real estate and escrow industries. A partial list of topics covered in this course include:

  • Basic Escrow Processes
  • The Title Report
  • Handling Money and Documents Deposited into Escrow
  • Handling Title Report, Fire Insurance & Property Taxes
  • Debits, Credits & Prorations
  • Reconciliation
  • Exchange Escrow

NEW! Business Law

This course covers Business law in California and combined with Legal Environment of Business becomes one very comprehensive text. Business ownership, anti-trust laws, employment law, securities regulations and international trade law are covered as well as Landmark and Classic Case Studies. The Definitive California Business law reference book. A partial list of topics covered in this course include:

  • Is written for California law
  • Contracts: offer, Acceptance, and Mutual consent
  • Business torts and E-Commerce
  • Sales Law
  • Agency
  • Major forms of Ownership
  • Major Federal Acts
  • Consent and performance
  • Unlawful agreements and the statute of frauds
  • Contract discharge and remedies for breach

Exam Preparation

Once you have successfully completed your 3 mandtory courses, you can apply for the State exam.

Use Premier's California Real Estate License exam prep tools to help you prepare for and pass the California Real Estate Sales exam while you wait. Premier offers you an excellent choice of preparation tools to help you pass your California Real Estate Sales License test the first time!

California Real Estate Sales Exam Prep Kits

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    • "Fast Facts": Basic Kits: 16 study guides focusing on current state exam topics
    • Special Math Review: Formulas, questions, and answers with explanation and examples
    • 16 Practice Tests modeled after the State exam including answers and detailed explanations for each questions
    • Large 3-ring binder with sleeve
    • Updated with latest practice questions
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  4. Online Practice exams Only: Includes 365 days access to 5 practice tests and the updates (newest questions). Includes flash cards and timed exam simulation modes
  5. Complete Sales Exam Prep Package: Get Everything included Printed Material, online access to practice exams, CDs, DVDs

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