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Unlocking the Dept. of Real Estate Salesperson and Broker Exam, 2015 Edition

The California Real Estate License Exam Prep book is designed to prepare future licensees to take and successfully pass the California Dept. of Real Estate salesperson and broker examinations. All material in the book is based on the Dept. of Real Estate salesperson and broker licensing examination content. This book may be used independently or in conjunction with the statutory licensing courses required to qualify for a license and begin your career in real estate or upgrade to a broker license.

The material includes:

  • 1,100+ updated practice questions modeled after the questions on the state exam;
  • critical facts regarding how the Dept. of Real Estate licensing exam and application process works;
  • study techniques to make the most effective use of your time while preparing for the exam;
  • test strategies to employ while taking the exam to improve your score;
  • a chapter analysis of each of the seven major areas of real estate practice covered on the state exam,
  • intensive topic-specific chapter exams which drill down into the specific principles of an area of practice;
  • answer keys and explanations to help you verify your understanding of the concepts;
  • real estate mathematics and real estate participants supplements;
  • five 150 question practice exams weighted between study topics as allocated by the Dept. of Real Estate; and
  • a real estate glossary of 500+ fundamental real estate terms likely to appear on the state exam.

A thorough study of this material will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to pass the exam on the first try.

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